Friday, April 11, 2008

My Life's First Interview(Civil Services' Interview)

My interview was on 5th of April, morning session

I was the fourth candidate to be interviewed by K.K.Paul Board.....First candidate was my junior from IITK ....second was an engineer from NIT Trichy(also my friend) and third was a lady from Bombay (already selected in group B services)... fifth Candidate to be interviewed, was a lady from Rajasthan...

My profile:

Abhijeet Agrawal

Home state: Jharkhand

B.Tech in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2005

Optionals: Physics and Chemistry

2nd Attempt (missed the interview call last time by a few marks)

Hobby: Cooking

Post held: Mess Secretary at IIT Kanpur

Now Lets start the interview

K.K Paul: What is your Roll No.?

K.K Paul: What is your date of Birth?

K.K Paul: What is Buckminster?

--- Is it a molecule or allotrope of carbon?

K.K Paul: What is Fullerene?

What are its uses?

K.K Paul: What are conducting Polymers ?

---- I replied Sorry Sir I don't know then He said “You must be knowing
this as you are a material science Engineer"

K.K Paul: What you have been doing since two and half year after your graduation

(Well ,the same question was also asked from my engineering friends who

were in the same board on that session )

K.K Paul: How did you developed cooking as your Hobby

Passed on to Member1 (Lady Member)

Member1: What do you understand by the term “Gender Disparity"

Member1: What is the level of Male and Female literacy rate of Jharkhand?

Member1: What do you understand by “Adverse Sex Ratio"

Member1: Is female infanticide a Crime?

Member1: are there any law regarding Female infanticide and female feticide

Member1: What do you mean by communally sensitive areas and as a DM how will

you handle such areas

Member1: What you generally cook...What is your favourite dish...

Member1: As the mess secretary whose interest you will protect: the person who are

making food or the person who are eating the food..( I said that I will try

to protect the interest of both of Them)

Member1: and if there is a clash of interest then?


Member2: Right from district to State to the centre, how will you remove corruption from the system and what steps have already been taken.

Member2: Which agency tackles with the charges of corruption?

Member2: What are the constitutional provisions for S.T.s and S.C.s

Member2: Is there any right to prevent the atrocities of S.T.s and S.C.s

Member2: Do you know about Administrative reforms Commission?

Member2: Have you gone through any of the report of Second ARC

( I said “ No Sir”)

Member2: What do you know about Sachhar Committee?


Member3: Who chairs Rajya Sabha?

Member3: How the Vice President is Elected?

Member3: What is our national bird

Member3: Who wrote “My Experiments with Truth”

Member3: Who wrote” Good Earth”

Member3: Can I ask you something from Chemistry ( I said with confidence “ yes Sir”)

Then he asked me “What is Avogadro’s principle”

I said “sir can I make a guess” he said No.

Member3: What are the constitutional rights of arrested persons

Member3: Do you know about Sri Krishna Commission.

Member3: What are the laws to protect the Environment?

Member3: What are the functions of U.G.C?


Member4: It is said that India is a good and vibrant democracy so you tell me that apart

from India which other democracies in the world are good and vibrant?

Member4: What is the Difference between Indian Democracy and U.S. Democracy

Member4: Which one would be more suitable for India (Parliamentary form or

Presidential form of government)

Member4: Do you know Obama and Mccain

Member4: Who is Hillary Clinton?

Chairman said” Ok your interview is over”