Monday, June 21, 2010

My Strategy for the G.S.

History:In mains exam, mainly the questions from the modern India is asked….15 markers are asked from Modern India and 2 markers are asked from Ancient Indian History and Medieval History…Last year questions from Culture and Dances were also asked (This was a bouncer for me) but the general books that i considered were Modern India ( Spectrum Publication)

Indian Freedom Struggule (Bipan Chandra): read it from cover to cover.

Modern History: NCERT(Class XIIth) older version,,written by Bipan Chandra.

Modern India: IGNOU notes

For 2 markers of ancient and Medieval History: refer class notes of Vaji Ram & Ravi...I also got a ready made 2 markers notes from one of my senior which was very much helpful


Vaji Ram and Ravi class notes are good but it need to be supplemented from the books like Indian Polity by D.D.Basu.....for the new topics of Indian Politics,I referred the following books:

§ Democratic politics (NCERT Class Xth, newer syllabus)

§ Politics in India since Independence( NCERT Class XII textbook in political science, newer syllabus)

§ Democracy in India: Issues and Challenges (NCERT Class XIIth textbook in Political science, older syllabus)

§ Indian Constitution At Work (NCERT Class XI textbook in political science, newer syllabus)

§ Sri Ram IAS’ class notes are also good…They give some newer angles to the topics in Polity

I also referred to the questions of Indian polity and Politics asked in Political Science and International Relations mains papers… I made a list of questions that can be asked from the Politics section and prepared them from the above mentioned books...

Geography:I referred to the geography NCERT of Class XIth and XIIth…

Social Issues:This segment has no particular reference books that caters to most of the topics but some of the references that i read were:

Social Change and Developments in India( NCERT Class XIIth)

Class notes of Sriram IAS…

Class notes of Vaji Ram and Ravi of last 2 years…

I also referred to the old questions of social issues asked in Sociology mains paper…

Current National Issues:Regular reading of Newspapers like The Hindu and The Times of India ….also referred the class notes of Vaji Ram and Ravi, and also Sri Ram IAS….

International affairs:Class notes of Vaji Ram and Ravi and also of Sri ram’s class notes are helpful…refer to the class notes as well as Yellow Book of International Affairs of Vaji Ram and Ravi (not only the current year but also of last two years) because now a days the lot of questions are asked from previous year’s International affairs…Notes of VAJI Ram and Ravi are good only for the conventional areas of International Relations that are in news....but now a these days a lot of questions are asked which are not based on the current International affairs....In this regard the Class notes of Sriram IAS was quite helpful....In fact the Syllabus of International affairs never says " Current International Affairs" but it only states that "India and the World"so we need to focus on the conventional aspects of International relations...

For example, the following question can be asked:

  • Discuss India's role in Global Disarmament.
  • Assess the importance of globalisation in India’s foreign policy etc

So for these kind of conventional topics in International relations i referred the following books:

§ Contemporary World Politics( Class XIIth NCERT)

§ International relations chapters in the book Democracy in India: Issues and Challenges (NCERT Class XIIth textbook in Political Science, older syllabus) here is the link for the download of this book:

§ IGNOU notes of Political Science, here is the link :

this material will cover the the basics of India’s bilateral and multilateral relations..

I also referred to the old questions of international affairs asked in the Political Science and International Affairs mains paper…


The Economy portion in last 2-3 year has undergone significant change so it need elaborate preparation keeping in mind the current trend…the strategy that I adopted was to make a list of topics falling under broad sectors like Agriculture, Industry, Banking, Infrastructure, WTO, Monetary and Credit Policies, Finance, Globalization, International Agencies like WB, IMF,WIPO; Trade etc and prepare them from different sources…..

The references were:

  • Understanding the problems of Indian Economy by Uma Kapila, Academic Foundation publication.
  • Indian Economic Development(NCERT class XIth)
  • Economic Survey
  • India Year Book: Chapters related to Economics
  • Class notes of Vaji Ram & Ravi for Economy ( get notes of last 2-3 years)
  • Class notes of Sriram IAS for Economy
  • Indian Economy: Rudra Dutt and Sundaram
  • IGNOU notes of Indian Economy and International Trade and Finance…here is the link of the same

I also referred to the last 25 year questions asked in G.S. economy section and also the questions that were asked in Economy optional paper( especially Paper-2 )

Science and Technology: I followed the strategy of covering as many topics as possible in Science and Technology rather than going into depth of the topics that i know..for this reason i divided the whole Science and ech into 7-8 segments and prepared a list of topics that i knew...then i kept on adding the topics in respective segment...since i was maintaining a file so it was easy for me to insert various topics that i could prepare....the segments were: Biotechnology,Agriculture, Environment, Energy,Space, Nuclear Science, Electronics, IT & Computers and Misc...By this way i covered all the references and made a decently bulky notes...

§ VAJI Ram Classs Notes of last 2-3 years.

§ Shri ram Class Notes of Science and Technology

§ Science and Tech Book by Ashok Singh

§ Science and Tech Book by Spectrum Publication

§ All the topics that have come in Science and Technology Section "The Hindu" in last 2 years. here is the link :

§ All the nobel prize winners in last 2 years (in Chemistry, Physics,Medical Sciences)

§ Biology NCERT Class XIIth(chapter 8-12)

§ All the question papers of Science and Tech of "Expert Brains" and "Shri ram" and "ALS Interactions" and "Civil Services Times"

§ Science and Tech questions asked in the Indian Forest Service Question papers and General Studies paper in the Indian Economic Service Examination.

§ Science and tech issues that had appeared in Frontline in last 1 year.

§ Put some of the key words in Wikipedia like " nanotechnology","Biotechnology"," Space Technology", "IT technology" etc...prepare the newer topics… here is the link for a list of emerging technologies:

§ Some of the government of India's websites relating to the Science and Technology like:

I prepared some of the key topics mentioned in these websites.

§ Science and tech Chapter in India Year Book


Abhijeet Agrawal said...

I did not refer to any of the competitive magazine as the time never permitted me to do so.....But u may find that various magazines publishing my name.....only thing that i used to do was to go through the frontline issus...well according to me one must devote 1.5-2 hours daily on the Newspaper esp one must read The Hindu carefully and so the editorials of The Times of India...

Mayuresh said...

Hi Abhijeet,

Plz clear my query regarding economics. . I have visited several blogs for guidance but still disappointed. .

my doubt is regarding dutt and sundaram. .

it is clear that this book is not to be read from cover to cover. Plz tell me the important topics or chapters (preferably chapter titles) which are to be studied from this book. .

My strategy for economics:

NCERT Class XI and XII books
Economic survey. .
PD economics. .
IC Dhingra
Dutt and Sundaram. .

Is this combination enough or anything else is required ?

Please tell me the topics to be studied from Last book. .

Mayuresh said...

I forgot to mention. .

I am appearing for CSE 2011

DON said...

I am very much thankful to u for providing exhaustive strategy for chemistry optional as i was looking for it desperately for long time.
And ur references esp resources provided for GS are equally excellent.
Sir, can you give me ur mobile no. and email id for consulting in some of the problems.

DON said...

I am very much thankful to u for providing exhaustive strategy for chemistry optional as i was looking for it desperately for long time.
And ur references esp resources provided for GS are equally excellent.
Sir, can you give me ur mobile no. and email id for consulting in some of the problems.

DON said...

For old ncert the link u have given is not opening

plz arrange for its softcopy.

DON said...

1.Hindu Science nd technology which u have refered is imp for which topics as out of two pages of hindu sc nd tech one page always agriculture stuff is there Is it imp??
In another page some new advances in science is reported which i hardly finds in gs PAPER only DURING nobel prize declaration gud articles pertinent to GS i noticed OR wat to study in these every week thursday coming S nd T in hindu??
2.For international affair and India & world, class notes of vajiram and of sri ram + ncert + ignou notes + hindu

DON said...

notes of rk singh are class notes or printed notes??

rash said...

hey !

well i read your intervew in a civil service magzine thus got to know abt your blog !!

well it would be great if you could throw some light on preparing for csat ..

particularly me , maths is one subject that i have feared the most all my student life ..
can u suggest a methodology ..or a strategy for non science backgroung students so that they dont miss out on marks in dese section
also it ll be great if you tell me how to go abt preparing for quant and mental abilty .

other than that wats ur take on vaji ram coaching essential ?


lookking forward for ur feedback

Ravi said...

Hello Sir,
Many congratulations on your great feat
I am very happy reading yours, Prakash sir’s blog, Garima mam’s blog,Anay Sir's blog and feel really inspired.

Because of my keen interest in taking up CSE I have now started with my preparation.
But my academics have been always a big concern.

Class X aggregate 58%
Class XII aggregate 44%
B.E. aggregate 58.6%

If I do good then what are the odds that these lower than average credentials will have an impact on my selection.
As the UPSC web informs:
“The candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of his career.”
And further they are looking for a well educated youth.
As in many other exams such as CAT they look into overall good profile.

I have the zeal and now have cultivated the integrity.
Kindly guide me through this as I am sometimes demotivated by these facts.

Om Sao said...
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POONAM said...


Harshal Manvatkar said...

Please Help Me!
I want to know the name of good faculty for GS in Delhi whose notes are sufficient. All need not be from the same coaching institute.
As i dont have time to attend the coaching, I will arrange the notes of these faculty from Delhi.

Please! Please! Please!

Monomita Mukherjee said...

this link -->
is not working. can you please provide a valid link for this book?? I need it badly! Please! :) Thank you in advance!!

Sajid Hussain said...

Plz contact on my watsapp for any query related to civil services exam +919955123900

Examantra said...

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